Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chrome Features

Chrome is already at par with modern browsers and now other browsers have to increasingly play catchup with chrome features. It's hard to imagine the kind of progress they have made with it in just under three years. Two new features which caught my eyes recently are fine examples of adding features which actually help the user and raises the bar for others.

Extending Omnibox

The omnibox API lets extension developers add their own keyword command to the omnibox. And just like that it opens a whole new world of possibilities. New extensions can be created which might not need the real estate on browser interface. I played with Switch to Tab extension and immediately fell in love with it.

Search Settings

How many times you need to change a setting and you spend a lot of time just looking for it. Just look at Internet Explorer settings and you get drowned in a sea of settings. For example, sometimes I need to block javascript to test some functionality. Now I can serach for the keyword and get all the related settings.

It even shows that the keyword is inside Content Settings.

Even inside Content Settings, the keyword is highlighted to easily see the setting.

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