Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SSW Sydney .Net User Group Meet

I just attended SSW Sydney .Net User group meet yesterday for the first time and thought would share a summary. The session was attended by a good crowd of about 50 people. Adam Cogan started the meeting with some industry news. The following wsj article "What They Know" was interesting and informative in showing how much of user tracking is being done even by some of the well respected brands.

The first talk was by Peter Gfader. It was good to see him explain object oriented principles and explain about SOLID which I have blogged about earlier. I had knowledge of Broken Window Theory but Boy Scout Rule was new to me and it was interesting. Peter also showed some examples of bad code and we could relate to it in our works. However because of time constraints he had to rush through showing tools like StyleCop, Code Analysis etc. which was a bit unfortunate. His blog post and presentation slides are available here.

The second talk was by TJ Gokcen and he created an apple iphone application using Monotouch. It was great to see a whole new application being developed using language we know pretty well. But I wonder how complicated native applications we can develop with that. I guess mostly sort of web applications which uses web browser but not heavy apps like games etc. The demonstration itself was very informative and I feel comfortable if I have to develop applications like that in iPhone.

Lastly, it was nice talking to people. I couldn't interact much because of my neck pain but it was good to see and listen to different developers. One gentleman I was talking to mentioned the difference between knowledge of a domain expert and coder and how he would rather teach a domain expert some coding than a coder some domain knowledge. I kind of disagree but that is for some other post. I will update this post with link to TJ's slides and code when it is available.


  • The Broken Window Theory
  • The Boy Scout Rule
  • SOLID Principles
  • StyleCop, Code Analysis
  • MonoTouch
  • Feature Pack 2
  • WSJ article "What They Know"
  • C# 5 CTP
  • Windows 7


Peter Gfader said...

Glad you enjoyed the usergroup.
Have you been at the after user group get together in the McD "restaurant"?

Net Developer said...

Hi Peter, No I couldn't. I was having some neck pain so I came back after the talks. I look forward to meet you and the group next month.

TJ said...

Thanks for the review. The slides on MonoTouch are available now at this address: