Sunday, October 10, 2010

From Nu to NuPack

At last Microsoft gave some good news in the series of bad technologies they rolled out recently - WebMatrix, Lightswitch, NuPack. NuPack is good. It will be used - both by newbies and the veterans. Why? Because it makes life easier for developers and doesn't dumb you down. Inspired from Ruby gems, Nu had gotten some traction as package management system. I have used it and loved it but its new avatar as NuPack is even awesome. Integrated into Visual studio as power shell, it is addictive and I bet, as a positive side effect, we will start using shell more. When you add a package, it adds a reference and merges everything it needs in web.config. For a detail Introduction please follow the scott hanselman's Introducing NuPack Package Management for .NET - Another piece of the Web Stack

NuPack arrived with an interesting debugging tale by Tatham Oddie. It was a great post the way he narrowed down the exception using WinDbg and Reflector.

When I downloaded NuPack, the first I wanted to download was castle ActiveRecord, which unfortunately is not in the package list but there are ELMAH, Castle.Core, Catle.Ioc etc. So start using it and start saving your time.

Scott Gu's Announcing NuPack, ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta, and WebMatrix Beta 2 gives some good links for NuPack and Rob Reynold’s “Evolution of Package Management on .NET” Post (Rob is one of the leaders of the Nu project and is on the NuPack team) gives a good account of whats happening with Nu and NuPack.

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