Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10 Blogs to follow for .net web developers

Recently a friend asked which blogs I follow and to answer his question I thought of writing this post. Say "Ahey" if you like the list.

1. Ajaxian - I would look at this first thing in my Google reader. Sadly "Dion and Ben" are not its editors anymore.
2. Ayende @ Rahien - One of the charismatic .net developers, involved in NHibernate, RhinoMocks etc. Must for C# developers.
3. ScottGu's Blog is a good blog for .net developments.
4. Scott Hanselman is another Microsoft guy you need to follow. His ultimate developers tools list is still awesome to find stuff.
5. nettuts+ is good for its articles on web, CSS, jQuery, Html5 etc. - good for the web part.
6. Googland [dev] gathers posts from all official Google development blogs. A great resource to keep track of what's happening in Google world.
7. I like Jon Skeet from his book C# in Depth. He is not regular in blogging but I like his approach.
8. Karl Seguin seems tired of Microsoft technologies but does a good job of opening your mind.
9. High Scalability has good articles if you are interested in, well, high scalability.
10. devnetfx is my journey to become a better (10x) developer.

After compiling my list I thought it would be a good idea to share with others. So here is a link to the bundle so that you can subscribe easily - "DevNetfx" bundle

The bundle has 11 feeds as I added "dion" as well. Ahey! 

Edit: I have a lot more "Subscriptions" which I follow but the above ones covers a lot of ground from different perspectives, and yes, I do follow Coding Horror, Joel on Software but you already had them, didn't you :)

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