Thursday, April 17, 2008

How Good A Developer You Are?

Started my day with reading Codding Horror feeds on my reader and found interesting article which introduced us to his new company Here is introduction

A little over a month ago, I announced that I was quitting my job. But there was also something else I didn't fully announce.

But I refuse to become a full-time blogger. I think that's a cop-out. If I look at the people I respect most in the industry, the people I view as role models-- Paul Graham, Joel Spolsky, Steve Yegge, Eric Sink, Rich Skrenta, Marc Andreesen, Wil Shipley, Douglas Crockford, Scott Guthrie -- they all have one thing in common. They're not just excellent writers and communicators. They build stuff, too. The world has enough vapid commentary blogs. I want to build stuff-- and talk about it. I have a little micro-ISV startup opportunity I'll be working on, a web property I'm building out with one of the above people. I'm not ready to announce the details yet, but when I do, you'll read about it here.

The "building stuff", as you helped us determine, is It's a small company Joel Spolsky and I are founding together.

What interest me was his role models list. Out of Nine names mentioned I only knew the last one - Scott Guthrie. How's that for a developer!

I added most of them in my reader (thou' not all as I found some of them not for me at this moment.)

See how many of them you know.

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